An Afternoon Of Bridge - Chapter 2

by: Simonne Danielle 
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Synopsis:An Afternoon Of Bridge, is a story about a single mother who loves the game of Bridge and who took the time to teach the card game to her sixteen year old son. Reading the first installment is recommended as it will introduce the primary characters and their SHEnanigans. Chapter Two continues the adventures of Simon/Simonne and his/her pals. Simon, as eager as he was to play Bridge with his Mom and her friends, dreaded the thought of actually having to BE one of the girls in order to join them. An Afternoon of Bridge is, after all, for girls only! It doesn't take long for our SHEro to emerge and discover ALL the joys of being a girl, including his forced enrollment in school as 'Simonne'; all because the 'stupid' Medical Adhesive Remover which could release the breast forms glued so securely to his chest was all used up!
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Get comfy, sit back and enjoy Chapter Two of "An Afternoon Of Bridge"...


An Afternoon Of Bridge, is a story about a single mother who loves the game of Bridge and who took the time to teach the card game to her sixteen year old son. Reading the first installment is recommended as it will introduce the primary characters and their SHEnanigans. Chapter Two continues the adventures of Simon/Simonne and his/her pals. Simon, as eager as he was to play Bridge with his Mom and her friends, dreaded the thought of actually having to BE one of the girls in order to join them. An Afternoon of Bridge is, after all, for girls only! It doesn't take long for our SHEro to emerge and discover ALL the joys of being a girl, including his forced enrollment in school as 'Simonne'; all because the 'stupid' Medical Adhesive Remover which could release the breast forms glued so securely to his chest was all used up!

CATEGORIES: Crossdressing/TV; Femdom, Authoritarian; Humor, School Girl; Stuck; AND a "category" of my own devise - "Good Boy to Bad Girl"

KEYWORDS: Appliances Attached; Hair or Hair Salon; Long Fingernails; School Girl; Use of Sex Toys; Very High Heels

AGE CATEGORY: Teenager 13 - 18


An Afternoon of Bridge - Part 2 By: Simonne Danielle © 2007

It's been almost a week since I played Bridge with Mom, Auntie Emily, and Kay; as Mom's daughter...'Simonne'! With my sister's silicone breast forms glued firmly to my chest, and no Medical Adhesive Remover available to unglue them, I was literally stuck! All I wanted to do was hibernate at home until the specially formulated Remover was shipped in from England. Mom and my sister, Elizabeth, had other plans. After that first Bridge game they both tried to convince me that I would be far better off as 'Simonne' than as Simon. They reminded me that, regardless how any of us felt, I had no choice because I'd be sporting a perky C- cup chest until relief came!

I was terrified at the thought of anyone seeing least anyone besides Mom's Bridge partners. I didn't believe that it was possible to fool anyone into thinking I was anything but a sissified boy in a dress. I just knew I would be subjected to humiliating ridicule and that my life would be ruined if anybody saw me in my 'girly' condition. Nevertheless, and having no other choice, I reluctantly agreed to let them put me to the test. As Mom put it after the Bridge game, "Tell you what Simonne, we'll go out to dinner. If anyone figures out that you're a boy in disguise, I'll let you stay home until the adhesive remover arrives. However, if they treat you just like what you appear to be, a lovely teenage girl, then you'll go to school and everywhere else in skirts until the Remover gets delivered or your boobies come unglued naturally!"

That night, out in public for the first time as 'Simonne', and everything else that's happened since, is... well, you'll just have to read on...if you really want to know.


The medical adhesive remover which Elizabeth ordered from England arrived, on schedule, a week after my inaugural Bridge game. I've only used it once. And then, just to dissolve the glue holding the breast forms to my chest so we could clean the back of the forms and the glue residue left on my chest. I wasn't too thrilled about having to leave them off overnight so the area could be treated with silky lotions and so my skin could breathe. But it was a small price to pay to keep my skin healthy enough to re-glue them the following morning.

Yep! You heard right! In the week following my 'debut' at Mom's Bridge game I had become attached to my newest assets...very attached...both physically and emotionally! The day I got home from school and Mom informed me that the 'package' had arrived from England, I was devastated! Mom saw the disappointment written all over my face. Elizabeth saw the disappointment written all over my face!

Elizabeth spoke up first, expressing what we were all thinking, "You know, Simonne, we don't have to take them off permanently; not if you don't want to, that is."

"Are you serious? You mean I can leave them on and everything? Oh! Mom, can I...can I keep them? Please!" I squealed with delight.

Mom jumped in. "I think this past week has been an eye-opener for all of us, Simonne. I know I've fallen in love with my newest 'daughter' and I absolutely love having two daughters around the house! Heck, even your attitude towards school has improved. You two are actually enjoying doing your homework together! And it's all because you wanted to play Bridge! This change, your transformation, has been a revelation! I'm thrilled!"

"And I love my new sister! I really don't want to lose her now!" Exclaimed Elizabeth. She turned up the vibration on my Magic Bullets just a tad to emphasize her point. Oh...did I tell you I had been wearing my Magic Bullets everyday...all day!...even to school! They really are addicting...everyone should try them!

"Oh Mom, Sis, I've been so worried that all this would end once this stupid remover got here; worried that you'd want me to go back...go back to being Simon. I want to keep my new chest! I really want to stay like this for...for...oh, I don't know... maybe forever! Can I? Please! Can't we just throw the remover in the trash?"

"That wouldn't be very smart, Simonne," Mom cautioned. "If you want to keep your boobs, you're still gonna have to take them off at least once a week just to let your skin breathe. In fact, we better order a couple of extra bottles so we don't run out."

Of course, Mom was right, as usual. In my excitement, I had forgotten the 'maintenance factor'! Silly me! In the past week I had been getting into 'girl mode' big time. I think my voice has even gotten higher; squeakier, Elizabeth's been saying. I've literally become addicted to having my dual Magic Bullets planted firmly in my pootie! I've even been cultivating a bit of the 'air-head' mentality that boys seem to be attracted to...and I'm not even a blond! The intimate moments Elizabeth, Mom, and I shared on a daily basis were a huge motivation!

I was looking forward more than ever to playing in Mom's weekly Bridge game for the second her 'daughter' Simonne! Mom and Auntie Emily would be there, as usual. Kay for some unknown reason wasn't gonna be there. Even so, we'd still have a fourth player.

But, maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Let me fill you in on everything that's been going on...


I'm pretty sure you remember how, after my debut as 'Simonne' at Mom's weekly Bridge game, I cranked up Sis' and Mom's Magic Bullet controllers to Max and how they both collapsed on the floor in exquisite agony. With those little devils planted deep inside their girly slits and their pooties, it took a full five minutes for them to gain control of their vibration-wracked bodies and for me to recover from the fit of hysterics I had from watching them wriggle and writhe. Both of them begged and pleaded with me to turn the Bullets off. Their own hands were too busy groping the crotches of their wet panties to even find the controllers which were buried somewhere under the mass of skirts hiked to their waists. I was no help. I was enjoying the floor show too much!

When the dust finally settled both Mom and Elizabeth, in mock anger, said I was in for it! They were definitely going to take, 'Simonne', out to dinner! They joked and teased that I'd get to see, up close and personal, what girls have to put up with as men leer and make lewd, suggestive comments just because 'we girls' are forced to be such slaves to fashion. They eased up a bit when they saw the look of panic on my face. Elizabeth put her arm around me. "Don't worry, Simonne, you're gonna do fine. You might even learn a few of the tricks we 'real girls' use to drive the boys wild and make a lot of girls jealous!"

'Now there's something to look forward to!' I pondered.

Mom and I, after the Bridge game, were way too overdressed for a casual mother and daughter dinner out. While Mom changed into something less formal Elizabeth dragged me into her bedroom where she proceeded to commit mayhem in her closet. I was a little disappointed that she insisted I wear pantyhose instead of nylons and a garter belt. I had really enjoyed the delicious feeling of garters tugging tautly on my nylons all afternoon. But the skirt she chose for me was too short; way too short to wear anything but pantyhose!

As I stood there in just my bra and panties, oh yeah, and my Magic Bullets, she pointed out that my seven-inch boy-toy was gonna make a noticeable bulge under the front of my tight mini. A bulge guaranteed to cause a ruckus and, most likely, blow my cover!

"This'll help, Simonne." And, without any further fanfare, she dropped to her knees, removed my panties, and expertly worked my lollipop until I unloaded another gallon of gooey...straight into her tummy! How many loads had gushed from my loins today, anyway? I had lost track! She was licking the remnants from her lips as she commented, "Simonne! You taste marvelous! I never would have believed it! Now I know I'm really gonna enjoy having a 'sister'!" I was speechless! The thought did cross my mind, however, that if this was gonna be part of the deal, I was really gonna enjoy being a 'sister'!

I don't know how she knows about this stuff but somehow she knew to trap my now spongy boy-toy between my thighs and press my marbles up into a cavity in my abdomen. By the time she had my pantyhose settled firmly in place I was displaying a smooth and very feminine looking crotch! Amazing!

The blue-jeans mini was more like a wide belt than a skirt. It barely covered my butt! I was gonna have to be very, very careful else the sexy, light-umber, lace-trimmed bikini panties she gave me to wear over my pantyhose would be on prominent display.

I had spent the afternoon in three-inch heels and thought I had them mastered. The five-inch cork-wedged sandals Elizabeth forced on my feet were a whole 'nuther experience! I had to hold onto her shoulder as she walked me around the room for several minutes. I felt like I was walking on my tippy-toes! Hey, I was walking on my tippy-toes! My butt was thrust so far out I just knew there was no way I could avoid having my pretty panties loudly proclaim, 'Look at the ass on that chic'!

As if trying to manage in my short skirt and super high heels wasn't enough, the scooped, pale-pink lace crop-top Elizabeth slipped over my head only emphasized my hot-pink sheer nylon push-up bra. She touched up the seams where the edges of my breast forms met the skin on my chest. Using a dab of foundation and just the right blush, the seams were undetectable! The cleavage I displayed was dramatic enough but the faux nipples imbedded in my breast forms stood out like the eyes of a doe! The figure-hugging top and skirt made my hips look wider and my tiny, twenty-two inch waist seem even tinier. Several cute bangles and bobbles added a lot of sparkle and only exaggerated my seriously flirtatious look. Elizabeth added spritzes of her favorite perfume, Tresor by Lancome, in all the right places and re-did my make-up in a dramatic manner more appropriate for nighttime. My hair still held the soft curls Mom had created with her rollers.

"How come your skirt isn't as short as mine?" I asked her. The hem of her flippy rayon skirt was a conservative two inches above her knees and her cowl-neck silk blouse, though snug, was way less flirtatious than mine.

"Simple, Sis, you're the one who's gonna be on display tonight. I wouldn't want to distract from all the attention you're gonna get or all the commotion you're gonna create! Your short skirt, high heels, and your Magic Bullets are gonna put a whole lot of wiggle in your walk! I'm gonna love this!" Wearing a dress for the first time at Mom's afternoon Bridge game was one thing. The thought of being out and about looking like a sex-starved teeny-bopper was making me really nervous!

There must have been some sort of girly mental telepathy going on cuz Mom was looking pretty but just as conservative as Elizabeth as we hopped in the car and headed to dinner. All the way there they both laughed hysterically at my futile efforts to keep my skirt from riding up to my hips! If I could look down past the humongous mounds jutting from my chest and see my umber-tinted panties, what would everyone else be able to see?

The restaurant wasn't the fanciest in town but it was one of the most popular. It was packed with teenage couples and a whole lot of single kids our age. Elizabeth and I both recognized several kids from school. Before we even got inside I heard wolf whistles and more than a few lewd comments from a bunch of guys. And that was just as we were getting out of the car! Mom and Elizabeth didn't bother to coach me about the manner in which a proper 'lady' exits a car! Even some of the girls were looking at me in funny ways. I couldn't tell if it was admiration, jealousy, disgust, or anger. But it was obvious they weren't too thrilled about the way their boyfriends were ogling me.

The only booth we could find was against a wall and, with no tablecloth, everyone who was interested had a clear upskirt view of my sexy panties. I couldn't sit still; my Magic Bullets were humming away on their Medium setting. Each time I turned it down to Low, Elizabeth turned it back up. I was jittery and wiggling around in the soft leather booth; crossing and re-crossing my legs; clenching and un-clenching my maddeningly puckering pootie-hole; trying desperately to maintain just a little modesty. Thank god for my pantyhose! I was perspiring so much my legs would have been stuck to the leather cushion as securely as my boobs were glued to my chest! I could feel my tucked-back pecker leaking like a sieve!

"Mom! These Magic Bullets are driving me wild! I can't sit still. I'm gonna have such a wet spot on my butt!" I complained in a panicked whisper.

"Oh my goodness, Elizabeth, I knew we forgot something! Come with me, Simonne," she said in a tone dripping with faux exasperation. Elizabeth was grinning from ear to ear. She obviously knew what they had somehow 'forgotten'. I didn't have a clue! I just eased my way out of the booth and noticed every boy in sight was staring at my legs which were splayed wide open! "Better keep those pretty legs together, Sis! You're putting on quite a show" Elizabeth gleefully cautioned.

Mom had to hold my hand as I was forced to swish and wiggle my way to the girls' restroom...thanks to my heels and vibrating innards. The bathroom was all the way on the opposite side of the place! My face was burning up from embarrassment as I felt everyone in the place staring at me. I must have tugged at the hem of my skirt a dozen times! There were several girls primping and preening inside the feminine sanctuary. I was mortified when Mom gave me two quarters and, in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear, said, "Get yourself a panty liner from the dispenser, Simonne. How many times have I told you to always carry a spare! Won't you ever learn?"

Some of the girls began to giggle at my plight. I should have been comforted by the knowledge that they had undoubtedly experienced the same plight. But no! I was too busy being mortified! My first time in no-man's-land and Mom was very publicly forcing me to buy that most intimate of feminine products! The dispenser was mounted high enough on the wall that I had to stretch to reach the coin slot. Sheesh! I didn't even know whether to buy Light Days or Heavy Days! I heard a couple of girls whispering loud enough for me to hear, "What a slut!" "Look at those panties!" "She has no shame!" It finally dawned on me that reaching up so high had hiked my skirt half way up my butt cheeks! My tormentors were girls I knew from school!

'At least they don't recognize me!' I thanked my lucky stars.

I was still tugging at the hem of my skirt as I minced my way into a stall. Finally, a little privacy! At least there were instructions printed on the wrapper of the 'Always-Ultra Plus' panty liner. It made so much noise when it crashed into the dispenser tray I thought it was an earthquake! I did notice that Mom was grinning from ear to ear; so proud that her new daughter had managed the 'complicated' task of buying her first panty liner!

As long as I was there I decided I might as well pee. I did my business while I read the instructions before tackling the chore of pasting the liner into the gusset of my pantyhose. 'Girls do this everyday. It can't be rocket science!' I giggled to myself. And, in truth, it wasn't. I even managed to re-create the girly-smooth illusion Elizabeth had achieved! I must have used half a roll of toilet paper to sop up the wetness which had collected in my pantyhose and around my butt! I felt rather proud of myself. Mom was re-touching her lipstick and reminded me to do the same. She spritzed me with more Tresor here and there. I really was starting to love that scent. So much better than the Jai Karate she had given me last Christmas!

As we headed back to our table Mom whispered, "At least you had the common sense to sit down when you tinkled, Simonne."


"Just think how it might have looked if you had stood up to pee like boys do. Anyone looking would have thought it a bit odd to see your feet pointed in the wrong direction!" She was giggling at her own silly joke.

"Mom, I always sit when I pee."

"You do? Why?"

"Between you and Elizabeth always nagging me about leaving the toilet seat up, it's just easier to sit than having to worry about forgetting to put it down."

"I had no idea! That's very thoughtful of you, Simonne."

I got through dinner with only a few 'battle scars' to my fragile ego. I actually managed to relax and enjoy the attention my skimpy outfit was attracting. It wasn't 'til half-way through dinner that I remembered to put my napkin on my lap and cover up! There I go, thinking like a blond again! With my Magic Bullets happily humming away and the excitement of all the attention, it didn't take long to saturate my fresh panty liner. I could tell it was filled to the brim because I felt the squishes each time I crossed my legs! I had to buy a replacement before we left. Mom gave me quarters but left me to go change it by myself! Thanks Mom! It was much easier the second time. All the way home Elizabeth went on and on about what a tease I had been and how I was gonna drive all the boys crazy in school! Great! Just what I wanted to hear!

When we got home there was a message from Auntie Emily. "Where are you girls? Call me as soon as you get in! You won't believe the news!" She sounded excited. 'Oh shit, shit, shit! This can't be good!' I thought.


"So? What's the big news, Emily?" Mom had her on the speaker phone.

"Well! First of all, when I got home from Bridge Jeffrey was doing his chores. He's such a big help around here. Actually, he was folding my laundry. He does our laundry twice a week, you know. It really is a load off my mind. Anyway, I was watching him and couldn't help noticing how carefully he was treating my delicate things. Actually, as I watched him closely, I realized he was fondling them! I figured it would be the perfect time to bring up what we talked about this afternoon."

I was sitting on the sofa next to Elizabeth. My legs were tucked under me. I kind of liked that Mom, who was sitting opposite us, was taking advantage of the unobstructed view she had of my panties. I sure had an unobstructed view of hers! I was enjoying Elizabeth stroking my inner thighs from my knees all the way to my silky-smooth crotch. Mom was watching Elizabeth tease me; smiling her encouragement as she continued her conversation. I wasn't enjoying the direction this conversation was heading!

"Go on, Em. What happened next?" I could tell Mom was on pins and needles. Elizabeth had this know-it-all grin on her face.

"I really didn't want a repeat performance of our run-up to last Halloween. Remember how I had to ground him for two weeks before he agreed to wear that lovely Cinderella gown? I even had to lock his bedroom so he wouldn't have access to any of his clothes; only mine. I just wanted him to get used to wearing a dress and high heels so he'd be more comfortable in his costume. It was like pulling teeth! It was so traumatic for both of us that I decided to take a different, more gentle, approach this time.

"I sat him down on my bed and put my arm around his shoulders. He was clutching one of my know, the pretty silver one with all that lovely antique lace at the bodice and hem. The way it was draped over his lap, it almost looked like he was wearing it.

"He was wearing a pair of running shorts. His tiny legs looked so cute! I stroked it lightly so he could feel the silk caress his bare skin. 'Isn't this a pretty slip, Angel?' I asked. By the way, I decided to begin calling him 'Angel', like we discussed. 'I love the way a silk slip feels against my body.' I cooed in his ear. 'It looks like you do too.' I was watching for any reaction. What I saw was a pretty good- sized bulge tenting out his shorts. I couldn't believe my eyes! He was actually getting turned on just from feeling my silky slip against his bare thighs! I couldn't resist asking, 'Is this what I think it is, Angel?' I stroked his bulge. He almost jumped out of his skin! It took every ounce of self-control to keep from giggling.

"He squealed, 'Mom!' What are you doing?' The interesting thing was that he didn't try to push my hand away from his bulge...and a good-sized bulge it was! I squeezed him a little more firmly and said, kind of matter-of-factly, 'If my slip makes you feel this good, Angel, why donít you try it on?' He looked at me with that same panicked look he gave me last Halloween when I told him he was gonna wear the Cinderella gown.

"I tried to make my argument in the gentlest way," 'You know, Angel, even after all the trauma we went through getting you to wear your pretty gown last Halloween, I still think you wound up enjoying that experience. You know what I mean; wearing that gorgeous costume and parading around the neighborhood with Simon as your 'Prince Charming'. Wouldn't you love to repeat that experience?' I took the slip out of his perspiring hands and scrunched it up so I could slip it over his head. You could have knocked me over with a feather when, instead of backing away, he simply raised his hands over his head to assist me! He was a trance!

"I seized the moment, so to speak. I made him stand up and let the slip slide over his body. He looked a little ridiculous wearing such a pretty slip over his tee shirt and running shorts! But I told him he looked lovely. It fit him perfectly...well, except for his bust line. I made him twirl for effect and then made him walk back and forth across my bedroom. That tell-tale bulge of his was silently screaming all I needed to know!"

Mom, Elizabeth, and I were listening intently to Auntie Emily. I couldnít believe my ears. It sounded like Jeffrey was actually enjoying being so obviously manipulated! I could relate. I had let myself be manipulated into wearing a dress, and, look at me, I'm enjoying it too! Elizabeth and Mom were starting to giggle like schoolgirls. Elizabeth's hand had found its way under the waistband at the back of my pantyhose. She was groping down between my butt cheeks! Way down! I even lifted my butt off my legs to give her better access! Her fingers found the tip of my drooling pecker! She was smearing the gooies oozing from the tip and forcing her finger...or two!...inside my puckered, but very receptive, hole! I wiggled and squirmed to allow her even easier access. She leaned over and kissed me lightly on the cheek.

Auntie Emily continued. "I didn't want to lose the momentum. So I quickly told him to take off his shorts and tee. He was so cute. You should have seen how fast he took off my slip and stripped out of his shorts and shirt. Before he could put my slip back on I handed him the matching nylon briefs. He didn't bat an eyelash as he stepped out of his Jockeys and into my panties. His thingy was so big! They grow up so fast, don't they? Offering him the matching bra and garter belt was really pushing the envelope. But I figured, 'Nothing ventured, nothing lost!' Amazingly, he just stood there with kind of a glazed look as I helped him get it all hooked up and adjusted. I finally dropped the slip over his head. I don't have any breast forms, like you do, so I improvised by stuffing a couple of pairs of panties into each of the cups. Where did you get those forms, anyway?"

I was aghast! Mom and Elizabeth were cracking up. I didn't know if Jeffrey was listening to all this but I sincerely hoped he was elsewhere in the house; maybe gawking at himself in front of a mirror, or something. Frankly, at that moment, I didn't care. The combination of my vibrating Magic Bullets and Elizabeth's probing fingers was driving me up the wall!

I had to ask, "Auntie Emily, did you tell Jeffrey about this afternoon? About me?"

"Yes, I did. But not until I had him dressed up all nice and pretty and feeling a bit more comfortable," she said. "I found the cutest little yellow sundress and a pair of matching strappy sandals. The suntan nylons I gave him made his legs glisten. I did his make-up just so. Thank goodness I haven't let him get his hair cut for the longest time. It's down way past his shoulders, you know. It only took a few minutes with my curling iron to style it. When I finished he looked like any other teenage girl! I think he loves his new name, by the way!" She sounded so proud of him...and herself!

"When we got through he was literally jumping for joy; all gushy and clapping his hands! Quite the little girly-girl, if you ask me. Not even a hint of reluctance or embarrassment. I couldn't get in touch with you guys and I wanted to show him off so badly. I couldn't resist taking him out for a walk around the neighborhood. I gave him a cute shoulder purse and a cardigan sweater to put over his shoulders. He was so nervous! We must have walked for over an hour! His feet were killing him when we got back to the house. Three-inch stilettos will do that!

"Anyway," she said, pausing to catch her breath, "I told him all about our Bridge game and how lovely you looked, Simonne. It look a whole lot of convincing to make him really believe that you actually dressed up just to play Bridge with us. I also told him that we had decided to expand the game and we wanted him to be part of it. Of course, I haven't told him everything, if you know what I mean. I did tell him there'd be lots of surprises in store if he could manage to conduct himself properly by this time next week. Somehow I don't think that's gonna be a problem! I did take a whole bunch of photos and videos. Call it insurance, just in case he has a change of heart!" She was giggling in that intuitively feminine manner most girls have. She lowered her voice to a conspiratorial whisper and added, "I haven't said a word about Kay's plans for Lawrence.

"Get this!" she went on. "Tomorrow he has an appointment at the salon. I want to get that little bit of fuzz off his legs and underarms and color and perm his hair. He even asked if I'd let him get his ears pierced! Can you believe that? I told him that not only did I want him get his ears pierced, but I also wanted him to have acrylic extensions on his nails and a first class pedicure!"

"Do you think they could squeeze in Elizabeth and Simonne?" Mom interrupted.

"No problem, Ginny. Gloria told me it was a slow day tomorrow. I'm sure she can fit them in. I'll call her in the morning while the kids are in school."

"School!" I screeched. "Oh my gawd! We have school in the morning! Is Jeffrey or 'Angel' gonna be showing up at school in the morning?" I asked Auntie Emily. I knew I was stuck...literally...stuck to my boobs. I had no choice! I still didnít know how we were gonna explain them...and me in a my teachers! This was getting really weird!

"I'm certain that 'Angel' will be attending school. I'm sure you'll appreciate the company, Simonne. Not to mention the moral support."

"Have you talked with Kay?" Mom changed the subject.

"I've left several messages but she hasn't called back. I knocked on her door. There was no answer. I can't imagine where she is! It must have something to do with Lawrence. You know how difficult it was to convince him to play a girl's role in the school play. Getting him to dress up for our Bridge game is gonna be a real pain in the you-know-what! Even more so than my little Angel. I just hope Kay will be able to work her magic on him. Speaking of magic, I want to get a pair of Magic Bullets for Angel. He was delirious when I let him try mine a little while ago; sort of a reward for all his cooperation this evening."

"We can pick up a pair at the salon. Should we get a pair for Lawrence too?" Mom asked.

"Oh yes! Definitely YES!" Elizabeth and I screamed in unison. Misery might love company, as the saying goes, but extreme happiness loves company even more!

"Knowing Kay as well as we do, I'd say it would be a good idea." Giggled Auntie Emily. "Hold on a sec, Angel wants to talk with Simonne."


"Hi Simonne." God! He sounded so girly! Just like me! "Isn't this fun? I can't believe it! Don't we have the bestest moms ever? What are you wearing to school? I'll have to find something in my mom's closet. But it's just for tomorrow. She promised to take me shopping after my salon appointment. I can't wait! Hello, hello. Simonne, are you there?" God, he hadn't even taken a breath! He sounded so excited!

I was speechless! It was my first conversation with a girl...well, a 'girl' like me anyhow. This had certainly been a day of 'firsts'. My first time playing Bridge in Mom's Bridge game, my first time in skirts, and the first time Elizabeth had treated me as an equal. I even got my first BJ! From my sister, of all people! My Mom had touched me you-know- where for the first time and I had touched her! It was the first time I had been out in public and in a girls' restroom no less! And now, for the first time, I had my very own 'best girlfriend' to talk with and to share intimate girly thoughts with. Holy cow! What a day!

"Sorry. Hi, Angel. I don't know what to say. I'm sooo happy you're gonna be like me...I mean...a 'girl' like me...this is just so cool! If you look half as good as you did last Halloween, I bet you're gorgeous. You really sound excited and happy! I don't know what to wear tomorrow. Elizabeth's gonna have to help me. Hold on a sec...I have an idea..."

I turned to Elizabeth. "Sis, do you think we could find something in your closet that Angel could wear to school?"

Elizabeth leaned toward the speaker phone, one hand firmly planted between my parted thighs and the other still reaming my backside, "Angel, come over an hour early in the morning. We'll find something just right for both of you. I promise!"

Another first! Elizabeth never shared her clothes with anyone! At least not before today!

"Thanks, Elizabeth. I'll be there," he squealed with delight.

"Thanks girls," Auntie Emily shouted into the speaker phone. "Elizabeth, you're so kind. And, Simonne, that was a very thoughtful idea. We'll see you in the morning. I just know you girls are gonna be such great friends!" she said with a little too much emphasis on the words 'great friends'.


It really was way past bedtime, especially for a school night and more especially since it was gonna be 'Simonne's' first day of school. Elizabeth and I went to her room. She picked out a gorgeous waltz-length mint-green nylon nitie. It had a chiffon overlay, floaty capped sleeves, and was dripping with frilly lace. When she handed it to me I was floored! I figured to wear my usual Jockeys and tee shirt to sleep in.

She helped me out of my skirt and top. I managed my panties and pantyhose by myself. I peeled the sopping panty liner off my hose. I just couldn't resist. I licentiously sucked my own juices from the saturated liner! Sis was right. It did taste yummy! Sis smiled knowingly. When my pecker plopped out from between my thighs she suggested I wear a pair of silky petti-panties "to keep everything snug." I gratefully stepped into them.

"I usually keep my Magic Bullets in and running on Low overnight. Do you want to keep yours in, Simonne?"

"Elizabeth, if I keep these in all night, I'll never get to sleep. Maybe I should take them out."

I grasped the wires and tugged. They weren't coming out! I tugged harder. Nothing! Elizabeth was busting a gut. "Here, let me help, Sis. You have to ease them out one at a time, silly!"

She tugged on one wire and I felt the little devil slip effortlessly from my butt. The second one slipped out with even less resistance. When she handed them to me it reminded me of earlier in the day when I first held Mom's Bullets and they vibrated together.

"Be sure to wash them thoroughly after you cleanse off your make-up, Simonne. Oh, that reminds me. I'll have to show you how to properly douche in the morning. A nice refreshing douche will keep you feeling confident all day!" Her gleeful giggles were infectious.

Cleanse off my make-up? Douche? Feel confident? She was talking a foreign language! More firsts! In truth, I had no idea how many 'firsts' were yet to come!

She patiently showed me how to use cold cream, astringent, and nighttime moisturizer. It seemed to take forever. I groaned when she playfully told me, "Better get used to it, girl, it's gonna be your regular bedtime regimen. And donít forget it's gonna take a lot longer to get ready in the morning. That's why I'm always up an hour before you!" Then she happily added. "At least I'll have some company in the morning!"

I gave Elizabeth a tight hug and a slurppy kiss goodnight and padded off to my room in the fluffy slippers she lent me. Mom was waiting for me. "Sleep tight, Simonne...and, welcome to the family!" She hugged me so tight I thought I would burst! I slept like a log. Morning came all too soon.


"C'mon, Sleepyhead, time to wakey-wakey!" I thought I was dreaming. Elizabeth's sing-song cheerfulness when it was still dark was downright irritating! The way she was caressing my morning stiffy was definitely not irritating!

"Huh? What time is it, anyway?" I loved the feeling of her hand swishing my nitie over my panties and woody. I could lay here all day!

"It's five-thirty! Get used to it! Now c'mon, we have a lot to do. And don't forget, your little 'girlfriend', Angel, is coming over to borrow some of my things." As if I could forget!

Five-thirty! We didn't have to be in school until nine! Three and a half hours to get ready! That's nuts! Did she actually get up this early every morning? Impossible! I'd seen her up and out of the house in less than thirty minutes. Why so early today? I started to roll myself off the bed. Elizabeth had other ideas!

She pushed me back and climbed on top of me, pinning my legs. "Actually, Simonne, we have a little extra play!" She had the most lustful, glazed-over look I'd ever seen! "I dreamed about you all night long," she said with a husky gurgle. "And, from this wet spot in your panties, it looks like you had some very pleasant dreams too!" She had hiked my nitie and was lowering my panties. She wasn't gonna be denied! I had no intention of denying her!

She wrapped her warm lips around my sticky shaft. Her tongue began to slurp and titillate my stiffy until I was just about to explode. Suddenly she stopped! I groaned! She only stopped long enough to rotate around so that her parted thighs were straddling my head. Her nitie floated weightlessly around my head. She wasn't wearing panties. I was looking straight up at her hairless slit; her slit which was glistening with girly-juices! "She raised up and turned her head. "Well, Girl, are you gonna just lay there and stare at my pussy or are you gonna put that tongue of yours to work?"

She lowered her slit to my lips and writhed enough to smear my nose and face with her wetness. I got the message loud and clear! I slipped my tongue into her gaping hole. The taste was intoxicating! Her scent was intoxicating! Even the little stubble which had grown since her last shave didn't phase me. She was obviously satisfied with my efforts. Her moans told me so. She turned back to work my pole. As my tongue probed deeper and deeper she jerked and spasmed! She was out of control; her crotch was grinding on my mouth and her lips were working my tool like there was no tomorrow!

"Yeeesss, Simonne, oh Yeeesss! Right there! Don't stop! Eat me, Sis, eat meeeee!" Her words were barely intelligible what with my seven inches stuffing her mouth so full!

"Stop talking with food in your mouth!" I yelled. "Mom taught you better manners than that! Mmmmmm, I love this!" My own voice was muffled; barely audible, covered as it was by her smothering slit. Hours later...well, minutes really...I exploded a load of gooey with such force that I thought I might have given her a whiplash. At the same instant she gushed a torrent of girly-juice that I could hardly swallow! She held my boy-toy in her mouth until it went soft. I had barely recovered my senses when she turned around and covered my mouth with hers. When she parted her lips a flood of gooey rushed into my mouth. She hadn't swallowed it all like she had last night! Our tongues dueled and fenced as we swirled my creamy nectar between us. I rolled her over, onto her back, and let gravity feed my juice back into her mouth. We rolled over and over for several minutes as we shared a wonderful early morning delight. What a 'wake-up' call!

"Let's go wake up Mom!" Elizabeth squealed. She grabbed my hand and led me into Mom's bedroom. I had seen Mom in various states of undress so many times I hardly paid attention anymore. As I entered her room I saw her sprawled across her bed, her nitie hiked to her waist, her legs splayed wide, and her finger planted firmly inside her slit. I'd never seen her look so delectable! She was still sound asleep.

I had my target in my sights. I wasn't gonna let Elizabeth get to it first. I snaked my way onto Mom's bed, directly between her thighs. Without a second's hesitation I started lapping away. The vibrations from the Magic Bullet buried deep in her nether lips tickled my tongue in the most delightful way and spurred me on. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Elizabeth suckling on Mom's right nipple while she rolled the left one between her thumb and index finger.

Mom awoke with a languid sigh. She spread her legs even further apart and I jammed my tongue even deeper, wanting nothing more than to accommodate her obvious invitation. The force of her first orgasm was so violent I counted my lucky stars that she didn't have teeth down there. She would have bitten off my tongue! I could see Mom squeezing her breast, forcing her nipple even further into Elizabeth's mouth.

As her spasms subsided she raised her knees high, trapping Elizabeth's mouth on her breast and giving me perfect access to her backdoor. Who was I to deny her? I slithered my tongue into her rear passage and, at the same time, slid three fingers into her girly-slit. Her non-stop moaning told me I was doing precisely the right thing! She was insatiable! I was insatiable! I couldn't jam my tongue or my fingers deep enough inside her. I slid a fourth finger, then my thumb, into her. I had my entire left hand inside. She was humping and grinding like a woman possessed! I was able to grab hold of the Magic Bullet and actually massage her womb...from the inside! When I came up for air Mom was up on her elbows and Elizabeth was sitting back on her haunches. They were staring at me in awe like I was some sort of love demon!

"Oh My Gawd!" Mom exclaimed, in between gasps of air. "What have we created, Elizabeth? That was the most incredible sensation I've ever felt!"

"I know what you mean, Mom!" Elizabeth with just as much enthusiasm. "She did the same thing to me just a few minutes ago! She's wonderful...a born natural!"

I looked up at them then down between my legs. I was mildly embarrassed at the puddle of my own juices which had pooled on Mom's satin sheets. I had shot yet another load without knowing it...and without even touching myself! Another first!

The three of us lay quietly, cuddled in each others arms, for the longest time. No words were necessary. That is, until Mom looked at the clock!

"I hate to say it, girls, but you better get showered and dressed. It's six-thirty. I'll start breakfast. Besides, Auntie Emily and Angel will be here soon. Get a move-on the way...thanks for the delightful wake-up!" She was definitely all smiles.

Less than forty-five minutes later Elizabeth and I had showered together and she had set our hair in hot curlers, done our make-up, and even painted my toe nails. She insisted that I douche my 'boy-pussy' as she termed it. She patiently demonstrated the proper procedure as she inserted a perforated curved tube into her vagina. The tube was attached to a squeeze bottle of "Massengill Douche - Country Flowers Scent". I was on my knees, between her legs, as she sat on the toilet and pumped her pussy full of the fragrant liquid. She used a second bottle to fill her backdoor pussy. While she waited for the douche to thoroughly cleanse her, she handed me a bottle and told me to pump it in to my backside.

My boy-pussy passage was already well lubricated from the K-Y I had used to insert my Magic Bullets. The douche tube slid in effortlessly. It was only a six ounce bottle but I sure could feel it sloshing around inside me. After she expelled her douche she said, "Come see how fresh I smell, Simonne. You're gonna smell just as sweet." I leaned into her slit and inhaled deeply as I slipped her Magic Bullets home. It was like a tip- toe through a field of wildflowers. I expelled my douche next. Elizabeth said, "Mmmm, you do smell sweet, Sis!" as she re-inserted my Magic Bullets.

I was standing there like a dufus in just a pair of panties. Well, there was the Ultra-Plus panty liner Elizabeth had thoughtfully provided and my Magic Bullets firmly planted in my patootie. What was that TV commercial, 'Never Leave Home Without Them'? My panties were pretty. Tight, stretchy sunshine-yellow nylon and spandex. Elizabeth's idea, actually. "These will keep you tucked back nice and neat, Sis. As much as I love this hunk of meat we don't want you showing any tell-tale bulges in school!" she said, as she tenderly patted my groin.

Elizabeth had most of her wardrobe out of her closet and piled on her bed. She was searching for just the right outfit for me. After all, I was her 'sister' and she wanted me to look hot, like she always did, especially on my first day of school. She finally dug out the cutest skirt; a softly pleated A-line with a hem two inches above my knees. It was rust-colored linen with bright floral embroidery and felt very silky against my bare legs. She handed me a white, silky half-slip which only added to the sensual feeling against my butt and thighs. I could feel my you-know-what begin to tingle but my panties held tight.

An adorable pale-pink angora V-neck sweater over a lacey hot-pink bra really showed off my cleavage! A pair of two-inch rust-colored sandals completed my basic look. Once my hair was combed out my face was framed with soft chocolate-brown curls. I thought I really looked cute. Elizabeth added a few rings, a pair of dangly clip-on earrings, and an adorable gold necklace with a 'horn-o-plenty' pendant. I knew it was one of her favorite pieces and felt honored that she would let me wear it. She opted to wear her favorite skin-tight, low-rider jeans, a crop-top, and strappy sandals. We finished up and went to the kitchen where Mom had eggs, toast, and juice waiting for us. As we were cleaning up the breakfast dishes the doorbell rang. That would be Auntie Emily and Angel.


My eyes nearly popped out their sockets when Auntie Emily and, Angel...walked in, hand in hand. He looked positively yummy! Every guy in school was gonna go nuts for him! I felt pangs of jealousy as I looked at my sixteen year old friend; a guy who looked better as a girl than I did! He was wearing the same yellow sundress and strappy sandals Auntie Emily had described last night. But his hair and make-up was what really made him look gorgeous. Auntie Emily had transformed him into an absolute bombshell!

His fiery-red hair had always been naturally straight and worn in a low slung ponytail. Auntie Emily had curled it. I had never really paid attention to his hair. Why would I? But I sure was paying attention now! Even curled like it was in delicious looking tight vertical spirals, it still fell to below his shoulder blades! It was parted in the center and feathered at the sides so that it framed his flawless porcelain skin. She had trimmed the cutest tightly-curled bangs. They were just wispy enough to allow his striking emerald-green eyes to shine through. A diamond barrette held his hair off one side of his face. It matched the diamond clip-on drops dangling from his ears.

We stood facing each other in the kitchen. We just stared at each other, mesmerized. Mom, Auntie Emily, and Elizabeth were giggling like the incorrigible co-conspirators they were. Mom finally broke the ice. "Simonne, don't be rude! Say hello to your little friend!" Even in only two-inch heels I still wobbled nervously as I walked across the kitchen. Angel took the initiative and place his manicured hands on my shoulders. He leaned towards me and planted a soft kiss, an air kiss really, on each of my cheeks. I could feel him trembling. I'm certain he could feel me shiver as his lips brushed against my skin.

When I looked into his eyes I melted. He was everything any boy could want and everything any girl should strive to be. His perfume was intoxicating. I pulled him towards me. "The heck with my lipstick!" I gurgled breathlessly. I kissed him with all the passion I could muster. I shoved my tongue into his mouth and ran it across his teeth, under his lips, and over his tongue. His mouth felt as hot as his red hair looked! He sucked on my tongue like Elizabeth had sucked on my you-know-what!

He hugged me and mashed his panty-stuffed falsies into my silicone boobs. He was grinding his hips into mine. I could feel his stiff rod trying to drill a hole between my thighs. He wasn't tucked back like me!

"You two minxes better break it up!" Auntie Emily cautioned. "You'll be late for school!"

Angel looked at no one in particular and sighed, "I think lessons like this are better than anything I've ever learned in school!"

"That's enough!" Mom ordered. "Elizabeth, take these two vixens to your room and find something pretty for Angel. Auntie Emily and I have a few things to discuss. But hurry, we have to be at school in an hour."

Elizabeth took us by the hands and we followed along like puppy dogs. "Help Angel out of her dress, Simonne. And everything else." She instructed. I couldn't wait to obey her! As Elizabeth rummaged through the pile of clothing still laying on her bed, I unzipped Angel's dress and held it open as he daintily stepped out of it. The satiny silver slip he was wearing was just as gorgeous as Auntie Emily had described over the phone. I couldn't help running my hands over his butt, his hips, and his slender thighs. Angel shivered. I lifted the slip over his head; carefully, so as to not muss up his hair. He noticed me staring at his soaking wet panties!

"I had a little accident when you kissed me, Simonne. Sorry!" He giggled. His embarrassment was obvious; his face was as red as his hair! I knew that scenario all too well!

"Sis! Angel's panties are ruined. Can you find some clean undies for him? Please!" His seven-inches of rock hard boy-meat was tenting his panties. It looked sooo scrumptious through the transparent sticky wetness. And to think it was my kiss which had caused it! It had only been five minutes since he had shot his load when we kissed and he was already hard again! I knew that scenario too!

"I'll find something, Simonne." She was looking back over her shoulder and could see Angel's predicament. "In the meantime, why don't you take care of Angle's little dilemma!"

Huh? Oh...Ooooh, I get it...she wants me to....Oh My!

I dropped to my knees and lowered his panties. He held onto my shoulder as he daintily stepped out of them. I held them to my nose and inhaled deeply. Mmmm! I was, for the first time in my life, eyes to eye with a pecker! My best friend's pecker! And it was drooling, and throbbing, and inviting me to do exactly what I did next!

I wrapped my lips around it. I ran my tongue around, over, and under the silky helmet. I sucked and slurped. I held the base of his shaft in one hand and groped his butt crack with my other. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Elizabeth staring at us with a glazed look on her face. Angel was humping my face. How did either of us know what to do? Natural instinct is a wonderful thing! I must have been doing something right. He unloaded a load of gooey pearly sweet-cream which threatened the 'gallons per minute' record of Niagara Falls'! I was forced to swallow at least three mouthfuls and still had a full mouth when his spasms subsided. Perfect!

I stood and kissed Angel full on the mouth; sharing part of his gift with him. I wanted to treat Elizabeth to the rest. Great minds really do think alike cuz when I turned around she was standing next to me; her gaping mouth waiting to receive my cup of kindness.

"Mmmmmm!, Ooooh!, Ungghh,!" We both moaned in unison as Angel's sweet gooey cream sloshed between our mouths. Who needs toast and eggs when there's this kind of 'high protein' diet available? When Sis and I finally broke apart we saw Angel milking his flaccid shaft; forcing the last few pearly drops onto his fingers and licking it off!

Elizabeth took charge of the moment as only she can. "Now that we have that little problem solved, we can get you properly dressed, Angel."

'Hey! What about me?' I thought. 'What about this tingling in MY panties?'

It didn't take Elizabeth long to sort things out. She found a pair of nylon and spandex panties, lace-trimmed and in the sexiest shade of aqua. After she pasted a liner into the crotch she held them at Angel's feet. He was just as amazed as I had been to see the smooth, feminine illusion after Elizabeth had tucked him back and pressed his little marbles into his abdomen. I unhooked his bra and we all laughed when the four pairs of panties Auntie Emily had stuffed in there tumbled to the floor! Elizabeth helped him into a lacey aqua bra which matched his panties. After she had adjusted the straps and settled it in place over his nipples, she filled the cups with a pair of foam rubber falsies. "I got these inexpensive titties before I bought the real good ones Mom conveniently stuck on you, Simonne. They'll do for today, Angel. You just wonít be able to show any cleavage until your mom gets you a pair grown-up boobs." She was giggling just like any other big sister would under the circumstances. Angel looked at my substantial cleavage with girlish envy!

She found a cute jeans mini skirt, in pink, with a hem two inches above his knees. She had tucked a black silk turtle-neck blouse with a pleated front and billowy chiffon sleeves into the waistband and cinched his tiny waist with a shiny pink patent leather belt. The pink three-inch espadrilles were the perfect accent and made Angel just as tall as me. Elizabeth touched up our make-up and pronounced us ready to 'rock and roll'!

The biggest surprise came when we joined Mom and Auntie Emily. While we were getting Angel sorted out they had concocted a real doozy of a story which would explain our unannounced attendance at school, and Simon's and Jeffery's sudden absence, to the powers that be.

Mom began, "Listen girls, it's obvious that you like this new arrangement. We all like it. If you want to pull this off successfully we're gonna have to get our stories straight. We've decided to tell the folks at school that you've both gone to live with your fathers; that is, Simon and Jeffrey have moved away. 'Simonne', my 'sister's' daughter, has come to live with me. 'Angel', Auntie Emily's niece, has come to live with her. My 'sister' ran off to India to live in an Ashram, abandoning 'Simonne' in the process. 'Angel's' 'mother' was tragically killed in a boating accident six months ago. Her body was never recovered and 'Angel's' been bouncing around from one foster home to another. Auntie Emily immediately volunteered to take 'Angel' in once she was told that the foster homes weren't working out." The story was so outrageous it just had to be believed!

"But won't someone recognize us?" I suggested logically.

"Do I have to stand you two in front of mirror, or what?" Mom said with a tone of exasperation. "I'm your mother for heaven's sake and I can't see even the faintest hint of Simon! All you two have to do is be friendly, polite, and continue acting just as girly as you have been."

"We walked around the neighborhood for an hour yesterday, Angel. None of the dozen or more folks we ran into had a clue!" Auntie Emily added, for emphasis.

"And don't forget, Simonne, you passed with flying colors at the restaurant last night. If anyone was gonna recognize you, it would have been all those girls from school; especially in the restroom!" Elizabeth said with confidence.

"Just stick with our story and everything will be fine. And don't forget, Simonne, from now on I'm your 'Auntie Ginny' and Elizabeth is your cousin! Angel, your mother is now your 'Auntie Emily'!" Mom concluded. It was obvious the discussion was closed.


Walking into school for the first time, 'Simonne' and 'Angel' got their share of stares and even a few wolf whistles. We blushed like any two girls would but secretly enjoyed the intended compliments. But no one, and I mean no one, showed a hint of recognition. Not the Principal, not any of the kids Simon and Jeffrey had been buddies with, not even our guidance counselor who had patiently spent hours plotting out our college prep curriculum! As far as everyone was concerned we were nothing more, nothing less than what we appeared to be; a couple of 'too cute' co-eds anxious to please the faculty, maybe a little competition for some of the girls, and definitely potential conquests for the boys!

After Mom and Auntie Emily explained our individual plights to the Principal and promised to have all our transcripts and other required documentation sent in, Angel and I were officially registered as 'girls' and assigned, miraculously, to all the same classes as we had been assigned to when we were Simon and Jeffrey. Angel and I started to head to our first period class. The Principal stopped us.

"Hold on, girls. We can't have you wandering around the halls aimlessly."

"Huh?" "What?" Angel and I said stupidly.

"At least for your first day, as we do with all new students, we'll assign a 'student guide' to escort you to your classes, make sure you get your assigned lockers, and generally show you the layout."

"Uh, sure, great." We had almost blown it big time! We weren't supposed to know anything about our 'new' school let alone where anything was! Mom and Auntie Emily just stared at us as they rolled their eyes back!

The intercom buzzed and the secretary announced Georgia Brown. Georgia Brown! Oh no! Not only one of the most popular girls in school but a girl who had been in at least half a dozen classes with Simon and Jeffrey! She knew everybody! She was beautiful and she was no dummy! Angel and Simonne were about to be put to the ultimate test. If we could pass the 'Georgia Brown Recognition Test' we were a cinch to pull off our charade!

"Ahhh, Miss Brown, good of you to come in on such short notice." The Principal greeted her. "Say 'Hi' to Simonne and Angel, our two newest students. They'll be needing the Grand Tour. I'm sure you'll take them under your wing. Now, girls, off to class."

Georgia was one of those 'Bubbly - Touchy-Feely - I Love Everybody' types. Actually, her enthusiasm and high spirit was infectious. If you were a friend of Georgia's, you were guaranteed to be friends with everyone else in school. She looked so hot in her red and white cheerleader uniform. What? You think a girl as cute and popular as Georgia Brown wouldn't be the Head Cheerleader? In a brief second of pure madness I contemplated asking her about trying out for the squad. I'd thought that adorable uniform would look perfect on me!

She rushed to us and embraced us in one of her well-known group hugs; an affectation she had cultivated since junior high school. "You girls are just gonna love it here!" She gushed as we walked out of the office. "The teachers are great! The kids are great! There's all sorts of extra- curricular activities!" It was the 'Standard' canned litany the Principal expected to hear from her. After we had cleared the office she added, "And the boys are to die for!" She giggled at her own daring humor.

Angel and I walked alongside of her; waiting for the 'shoe' of recognition to drop! It didn't! We looked at each other, amazed that she didnít recognize the two boys who had lusted after her since sixth grade! We answered all her probing questions, sticking to the 'script' which Mom and Auntie Emily had concocted. We both did our best to imitate her girly gushing and squealing; even the high pitched squeaky register of her voice. We must have been doing it right cuz she didn't bat an eyelash!

She showed us our lockers which were right next to hers and led us to our first class, Social Studies. She dutifully introduced us to the teacher who had us introduce ourselves to the rest of the class, most of whom we already knew. Once again, no one had a clue who we were. I was trying so hard to look demure and cute. I could see Angel was doing the same. We were assigned seats in the front row of all places. Since we had come in late, Teacher spent most of the rest of the class time giving us our text books and bringing us up to speed. As if we needed that! He also spent a good deal of time peeking at our legs! Typical man! I loved it!

The rest of the day was more of the same. Angel and I, to our credit, kept up our charade without a hitch. In between classes and at lunch in the quad Georgia introduced us to everyone who was 'anybody'. The girls were friendly for the most part and welcomed us with open arms. Well, there were a few who shot us those same jealous stares I had received the night before at the restaurant. The boys we met were too obvious! Some 'innocently' asked for our phone numbers. But their message was loud and clear; they couldnít wait to get either one of us alone! I looked at Angel and we shared knowing grins. We each knew what the other was thinking. We couldn't wait to get any of them alone! We had tasted the fruit and wanted more! Thank god our Moms had stocked our purses with all the necessities. We had to make three trips to the girls' restroom to change our panty liners!

When school let out for the day at two-thirty Georgia insisted we hang out with her and all the other kids at the Arcade. We begged off, telling her we had salon appointments which our 'Aunts' had arranged as a gift to welcome us to our new homes. When we told her we were going to 'Gloria's' she went ballistic. "God, that's only the most popular salon in town! Every girl goes to Gloria's!" Her esteem of our Aunts, and us, seemed to soar about ten points! We exchanged phone numbers and promised to hang out the next day.


"Hi Mom! Hi, Auntie Emily!" I yelled excitedly as Angel and I climbed into the car.

"Simonne!" She growled as she hugged me. "You know I love you as my son, and now as my daughter. But if you don't start calling me 'Auntie Ginny' you're gonna get yourself in trouble. How many times do we have to go over this?" Another reprimand!, 'Auntie Ginny', had that exasperated tone in her voice. What did she expect? I'd only been her daughter for twenty-four hours! A sixteen year old girl can only remember so much! Sheesh!

Elizabeth, Angel, and I sat in the back seat and giggled uncontrollably the whole way to Gloria's; giggling at my latest faux pas and giggling at how successfully we had managed to fool everyone. Elizabeth was so proud! She couldn't keep her hands off Angel and me. I could see Mom looking at us in the rear view mirror as our hands roamed and groped each other. She nudged Auntie Emily and they both started laughing hysterically. It was a good laugh.

We pulled into Gloria's parking lot. Gloria had never met Simon and Jeffrey. Why would we ever go to the salon with Mom, Auntie Emily, and Elizabeth for their weekly appointments to do whatever it was that girls do? Nevertheless, Gloria greeted us like her best friends. Of course, Auntie Emily had let Gloria in on our little deception in the true tradition of, "Only your hairdresser knows for sure!" In this Sorority of Girldom and appearing just as girly as anyone else in the salon we were accepted as full-fledged sorority sisters. After the obligatory hugs and air kisses Elizabeth, Angel, and I were whisked off to the changing room, stripped to panties and bras, and wrapped securely in silky-soft floral smocks. It took every ounce of restraint we possessed to keep our hands off each other!

We were seated at adjoining wash basins. After your basic washing and conditioning Gloria's stylists started working their magic in earnest. A snip here, a trim there, a little feathering here and there. Before we knew it our hair was set in large curling rods and a smelly lotion they called 'wave lotion' was squeezed over the whole shebang. While we sat under hair dryers the manicurists did their thing. The pedicure felt amazing; sooo relaxing and soothing. Angel and I were treated to full sets of acrylic extensions which extended a half-inch beyond our fingertips. This was gonna take some getting used to! I loved the pearly-pink color on my nails. The fire-engine red on Angle's nails was sure to draw lots of attention.

Back to the wash basin where our hair was rinsed with a neutralizing solution, our curling rods were removed, and our hair was dried with a blow dryer. Next our heads were covered with foam caps. The stylists began poking through the foam with knitting needles, hooking thin clumps of hair and pulling them through to the outside of the foam cap. They painted the exposed strands with specially mixed coloring paste which was allowed to process for thirty to forty-five minutes. They said when they were finished we'd have the most delightful highlights. Elizabeth and I, having rich naturally chocolate-brown hair, were given light auburn highlights. Angel's flaming-red locks were highlighted with the most delicate blond streaks. The total effect was stunning.

Next we were taken to a private room where technicians expertly and efficiently 'treated' us to full body waxing. And, I'm not kidding when I say full body! Ouch! They even 'treated' our pubes. When they finished we had no body hair other than the hair on our heads and our eyebrows; at least what was left of our eyebrows! All that remained were thin, fine arches. They laughed like hyenas at our Magic Bullets but said they could work around them. "A lot of our clients eventually purchase a set. They're sooo handy when no boys are around!" They giggled.

The best part of the full body wax was the massage which followed. The oils and lotions were unbelievable! It was so relaxing I actually fell asleep. What woke me up was Elizabeth straddling my face; her silky pussy lips lightly rubbing against my mouth. "Feel how smooth I am, Simonne! I can't believe how fantastic it is! So much better than shaving!" She was squealing with delight. I simply stuck out my tongue and lapped away like a kitten at a bowl of milk. She was so smooth it felt like I was licking soft sweet cream. No stubble; only the silkiest skin I had ever felt! Was I as smooth?

I reached around Elizabeth and felt my crotch. Oh My Gawsh! I was as smooth as a billiard ball. I bent my knees and stroked my thighs. Ooooh! What a feeling! I just knew a silky slip, a pair of nylons, panties, oh, god, silky panties!, were gonna send me over the edge. I was gonna have to talk to Mom about buying stock in Always Panty Liner Corporation! All these thoughts were flooding my mind while Elizabeth's juices were flooding my mouth. "Mmmm, Sis, you feel wonderful! I could sleep all night with my face buried between your legs!" I moaned softly as she climbed off me. She laughed and said, "I'm gonna hold you to that, Sis!"

I looked over at Angel laying on the adjoining table. He was looking at me and smiling. It was a very inviting smile. I rolled off my table and climbed onto his, much to the delight of our technicians. He had obviously been stroking his pole and little marble sack. He was as hard...and as smooth... as me! My own boy-toy was pointing directly at his gaping mouth. We engulfed each other at the same instant. I slurped and sucked. I rubbed my cheek against his silky-smooth sack and between his thighs. It was like I had enveloped my face with the silkiest satin ever made. I took him back into my mouth. I couldn't get enough of his tasty lollipop.

Suddenly he bucked his hips and his ramrod slid effortlessly deep into my throat. It felt like the most natural thing as he slid it in and out! I swallowed over and over again, massaging his tool with the muscles of my throat. Somehow I knew to breathe through my nose. In mere seconds he was gushing a load of pearly cream straight into my tummy. I only actually tasted it when he began to soften and I began milking his shaft with my lips. Everyone laughed when I finally came up for air and belched so loud they probably heard it in the main salon!

All that was left was to comb out our new hair-do's. Or so I thought. While Angel was being fitted with his very own C-cup breast forms, my ears were pierced, and pierced, and pierced! By the time the techs were finished with me I had three piercings in each ear; two in each lobe and one at the apex of each ear! In three days I'd be able to 'borrow' from Elizabeth's and Mom's extensive collection. Yippee! I got dressed while I watched Angel 'suffer' the same treatment. I'm sure he didn't even feel the minor stings. He was too busy groping his new boobs!

Hey! Wait just a second here! If the salon had the Medical Adhesive to bond those puppies to Angel's chest, they must also have the Remover! It suddenly occurred to me that all the drama from Elizabeth and Mom about the stuff not being available locally was nothing more than pure fiction! It also occurred to me that I really didn't give a rat's patootie!

Our stylist, Elise, graciously allowed Elizabeth and me have the honor of stuffing Angel's pootie with his very own set of Magic Bullets! "A little bonus gift from your Mom!" She exclaimed, as Angel went into a series of delirious spasms!

We had been at the salon for almost four hours. I loved my new hair; chocolate-brown with lots of auburn highlights. Elizabeth and I looked like twins. We hugged one another passionately! Our boobs mashed together. I felt something odd. Elizabeth grinned, lifted her top, and unhooked the front closure of her bra. When she spread the cups open I could see the gold hoops which had been inserted through each of her nips! How sexy is that? Angel was staring at them too. I knew we were both thinking the same thing; wishing we had our own real boobs so we could have them pierced just like Elizabeth! Elizabeth had also had her belly-button pierced! Angel and I begged and pleaded. Finally, Elizabeth sighed a heavy sigh and giggled, "I guess Mom and Auntie Emily won't mind!" Twenty minutes later all three of us had matching piercings; three, quarter-carat diamonds connected by a fine gold chain dangling enticingly. Their two-inch length tickled my tummy deliciously!

When we got home we had enough time to eat a light supper and do an hour of homework. Before getting into bed we telephoned Georgia to thank her for all her help at school. She wouldn't hang up until we gave her every teensy detail about our salon visit. Well, we didn't tell her everything! We couldn't tell her everything!

Of course, it took almost an hour for Elizabeth to show Angel and me how to cleanse our faces, moisturize, bla, bla, bla! We also learned that a bedtime douche was mandatory! I know I must be making it sound like an unpleasant chore. In truth, I enjoyed every second of the oh-so girly routine. Angel, Elizabeth, and I slept in Elizabeth's king-sized four- poster. And, guess what, we actually slept like we had been drugged. Our Magic Bullets humming away made like this 'white noise' blocking out all other sounds. And so relaxing! Being a girl can be sooo exhausting! Whew!


Five-thirty came all too soon! Normally I would have hit the 'snooze', rolled over and slept another hour. With Angel on one side and Elizabeth on the other that wasn't gonna happen! They were both giving me soft 'butterfly' kisses all over my face, ears, neck, arms...everywhere! I returned the favor. Their kisses moved lower and lower down my torso until they were both lapping contentedly at my morning woody. "What did I do to deserve such delicious royal treatment?" I moaned.

Angel stopped licking long enough to gurgle, "Simonne, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be the 'girl' I am today!"


Elizabeth offered her two-cents worth, "She's right, Simonne, you're the one who suggested Jeffrey join Mom's weekly Bridge game. And, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have a little sister!"

"Uh...right...I guess so."

"I have you to thank for all this, Simonne. I love you for it!" Angel moaned, as he continued slurping away.

Elizabeth rolled me onto my side. As Angel engulfed my stiffy she began probing my boy-pussy, first with her tongue and then with her fingers. Her hands were tiny but it felt like she was gonna split me in half when she forced her entire hand inside me! She grabbed hold of the Magic Bullets still vibrating away. She began moving them around until she hit that very specific place that made my entire body feel like it was on fire!

"Oh god! Yeeesss! Right there! Don't stop!" I was squealing like a stuck pig! I let loose a torrent of gooies. Angel gobbled it up like a pro! Only one day and we were all gobbling like pros!

He found Elizabeth's waiting mouth and shared his 'just desert' with her. "Hey! What about me, ladies?" I complained.

"You'll get yours soon enough!" Angel quipped as he slithered up my body and planted his silky smooth tool past my lips and deep into my throat. Elizabeth was doing her part as she licked and slurped away on his rod and little marbles each time he withdrew far enough to give her access. I rolled onto my back so that Angel could jam his pecker straight down. Elizabeth got onto her back, above my head, and spread her legs; inviting Angel to do double duty. With his boy-toy pumping in and out of my throat like a piston, he leaned forward and mashed his face tightly into Elizabeth's sopping slit. Her violent shudders radiated all the way from her slit, to Angel's face, down his body, and right to his ramrod! He shot his gift into my belly at almost the same instant! All was right with the world!

As we untangled from our exquisite early morning passion, I glanced over to the doorway. Mom and Auntie Emily were standing there, their arms wrapped tightly around each others waists. Auntie Emily grinned and rhetorically asked Mom, "Isn't it marvelous to see our daughters playing so nice with each other?"

Shower! Douche! Make-up! Coordinate an outfit!...god, there was so much to do! When Auntie Emily dragged our towel-draped bodies into the spare bedroom with Mom and Elizabeth following, Angel and I went into spastic fits. I'm sure the entire neighborhood heard our squeals of delight when we saw our new wardrobes hanging in the huge walk-in closet! While we had been in school yesterday, Mom and Auntie Emily had done major damage to their credit cards! They had saved the surprise for this morning.

Our Moms were grinning from ear to ear as they watched Angel and I excitedly paw over all our new goodies. Piles and piles of lingerie, skirts, tops, dresses, and shoes! Packets of nylons and pantyhose. Oodles of jewelry. And make-up selected to match our individual coloring! Everything they had bought was casual; appropriate for school and weekend activities. The best part was that Elizabeth, Angel, and I are the same size. We have three wardrobes to choose from! Of all the lovely outfits our Moms had bought us the only ones with hems which fell below our knees were two of the most exquisite nightgowns god ever created. And they were identical! Pink satin, floor-length gowns, fitted bodices covered with gorgeous white French lace, and a chiffon overlay which swirled and floated weightlessly with every step. The silk peignoir had billowing chiffon sleeves ending with satin cuffs which closed tightly with six pearl buttons. They even included pink marabou- trimmed backless mules which sported three-inch spiky heels! Angel and I wanted to climb right back into bed! That would have to wait! We really were running late and our second day of school was looming.

All three of us selected short flippy skirts and really cute coordinated tops. Modesty demanded pantyhose...again. Aarrgghh! Was I ever gonna get to wear nylons and a garter belt? They're just sooo sexy! Sniff! Anyways, we slipped on three-inch sandals and topped everything off with most of our new jewelry collections ...except for earrings! We had to leave our new studs in for a coupla more days.

Mom and Auntie Emily were rushing us out the door so we wouldn't be late to school. As we were just about to climb into Mom's car, Georgia pulled up in her Mercedes convertible. "Hop in, you guys, we'll ride together!" She yelled like we were her best friends in the world. Her girlfriend, Melissa, was in the front passenger seat. There was no doubt that Georgia...Sweet Georgia Brown...had taken a serious liking to us!

We skipped to the opulent ride. A huge gust of wind caught all three of us completely by surprise. It whooshed under our skirts simultaneously and flipped them high enough to expose our too-cute lace-trimmed bikini panties! "You girls better hold those skirts down!", Auntie Ginny cautioned. She and Auntie Emily were standing in the doorway laughing hysterically. Georgia and Melissa gave out loud wolf-whistles. Thank god Angel and I were securely tucked back!


Our second day in school went pretty much without incident. That is unless you don't count constantly fighting to keep my skirt from billowing up with every gust of wind. Hey! You try managing a short flippy skirt on a windy day while holding your purse in one hand and a stack of books in the other! Maybe this short skirt wasn't such a good idea. Yeah, right! I loved all the attention. A lot of the other girls were having the same problem. The boys loved the show! I heard more than one boy sighing wistfully, "I love these windy days?"

Our teachers were being very patient and actually very nice. They were quite impressed that Angel and I were up to speed in all our subjects and even more impressed when we Aced a couple of pop quizzes. Little did they know we had been there all Simon and Jeffrey! The girls 'Ooooh'd' and 'Aaaah'd' over our new hair styles. The boys were literally drooling. We made quite the sexy threesome. Simon and Jeffrey had never been the recipients of such adoration! The fact that Georgia had taken us under her wing endeared us to everyone!

I was walking to the lunch quad when Angel came rushing up to me. "Simonne, Simonne, you've got to come with me...right now! You're not gonna believe this!" She grabbed my hand...Isn't it so great that girls can hold hands without being subjected to taunts and ridicule?...and led me down a small, out-of-the-way, corridor. She 'shushed' me when I tried to ask where she was taking me. "It's a surprise!" Was all she said between giggles. We got to a small locked door. She 'shushed' me one more time. She had a key to unlock the door which displayed a plaque identifying it as "Custodian Supplies - Private".

She opened the door and quickly pulled me inside the tiny dark room. She turned on the light only after she had closed and locked the door from the inside. "What's going on, Angel?" I demanded to know. "I don't want to get in trouble on our second day here!"

"It's okay! The Custodian had to go the District Warehouse to pick up more supplies. We've got the whole lunch hour to be alone!" She went on to explain that Melissa, Georgia's friend, had loaned her the key. She had found the custodian's key ring in the bathroom a few days earlier. She had copies made before returning it the next day. Ironically, she even got a letter of thanks from the Principal! Only a few girls knew about, or had access to, this sanctuary. Angel was fumbling in the dimly lit room; hiking my skirt and lowering my panties and pantyhose; groping my rapidly growing bone!

"I've been dying to do this all morning! I'm sooo horny!" She dropped to her knees and had my shaft buried deep in her mouth before she even finished her sentence! Don't get me wrong! I wouldnít think of complaining about such a wonderful and unexpected treat! The danger of being discovered was making me quiver all over and made it all the more exciting! I was pumping her mouth furiously. It didn't take me long to fill her mouth to overflowing. I guess it was the circumstances but I just couldn't hold out any longer! Angel was swirling my gooey cream in her mouth as she pulled me down to my knees. She threw her arms around me and mashed her lips over mine; forcing the remainder of my cream into my mouth! Now that's what I call a light lunch!

She stood and I groped for the waistband of her panties and pantyhose. I yanked them to her knees and inhaled her rock-hard shaft to its root! Gobble, slurrrpp, suck, lick...Yummy! In record time she filled my gullet with her tasty love juices! Even after she went soft I continued to suckle her stem, urging out every last pearly drop! As boys, Jeffrey and I had always been good students; in the top ten percent of our class. Now, as girls, we were still doing well, maybe even better. But, in the dim light of a custodian's supply closet, our 'education' was taking on a whole new dimension! We got ourselves straightened out as best we could with our compact mirrors in the dim light. We cracked open the door just enough to make sure no one was nearby before exiting quickly and heading for the nearest bathroom to complete our repairs. We had to change our panty liners anyway!

We still had a little time before our next class so we headed out to the lunch quad. We hooked up with Melissa. She looked at us and I could tell she knew what we had been up to. Well, she didn't really know exactly what we'd been up to. As far as Melissa knew we were just a couple of girls in lust! "Maybe I could join you two lovebirds next time." She hinted.

"Oh god, she's a lesbian just like us!" Angel exclaimed as we walked away.

"If this keeps up we're gonna have a tough time keeping our secret!" I giggled.


The days flew by; what with school, shopping with Mom and Auntie Emily after school, dinners at restaurants or at home, homework, and chatting on the phone with Georgia, Melissa, and slew of other girls until it was time to go beddy-bye. Angel slept over or Elizabeth and I slept at her house. We were inseparable. We allowed for plenty of time to 'play' in the mornings before school. Angel and I, or Angel, Elizabeth, and I, or Elizabeth and I managed lots of alone-time in the custodian's supply closet. The few girls who knew about the 'Closet' were dropping serious hints that they wanted to join us. We still weren't ready to 'let the cat out of the bag' by revealing our secret!


When Elizabeth and I got home from school the day before Mom's weekly Bridge game, Mom was standing there holding the just-delivered bottle of Medical Adhesive Remover. "Time to unglue those puppies, Simonne." She announced matter-of-factly.

And well...that sorta brings you up-to-date! Except that I did bust Mom's and Elizabeth's chops about manipulating me with all that nonsense about the Remover! They had the cutest guilty looks! I let them stew for about...oh, I don't know... maybe thirty seconds. Then I hugged them both!

Tomorrow, Angel would be making her debut at the Bridge game. Mimi would be back in the game. Elizabeth wouldn't miss the game for the world! Mom and Auntie Emily were as excited as little kids at Christmas. But no one had heard from Kay since my own debut as Simonne. Without Kay and her son we'd only have six players. Not enough for the two full games we had planned on. Would Kay make good on her promise to 'convince' her son, Lawrence, to make an appearance?

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